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.exe files will not stay associated

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So, I'm repairing someone's laptop that had the XP Antimalware or XP Security type trojan. SAS mobile detected and deleted the files, and Avast detected the rest and quarantined that file also (randomName.exe).

The .exe file associations will only stay for the current session with the reg fix, but when the computer is restarted, the .exe file associations become unassociated again and need to be redone.

At this point, MBAM is not detecting any malware, just the Broken.OpenCommand at:


And SAS is only detecting System.BrokenFileAssociation with 2 files listed:



When MBAM and SAS fix the above, the problems return on the next reboot.

So, MBAM, Avast, and SAS are not detecting anything on this laptop except the broken file association reg entries that keep manifesting every boot. There's got to be something somewhere that these programs didn't detect that keeps unassociating .exe files. That, or there's got to be a permanent way to do the .exe file association fix.

Did this trojan manifest itself in the MBR?

This is on an IBM laptop with Windows XP Pro SP3.

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