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Windows Defender, Microsoft Safety Scanner & AVIRA


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Hi folks,

I wonder if someone can shed some light on the following ...

I used to be able to run AVIRA Free right along with Windows Defender just fine until Avira came up with this New Version

Now when I run Avira Scans ... at the end of the Scan it tells me that I must Reboot and after the reboot the scan starts sutomatically again ... it never Registers or remembers a complete scan cycle ... and is not indicated on the Overview page.

So, I have disabled the Windows Defender.

When looking at the Windows Defender Definitions Update page, it shows that Microsoft is catching whole new Virus and Malwares on a daily basis ... and Windows Defender definition database really is "up-to-date". So ...

Q1: Is Microsoft Safety Scanner Definitons list same as Microsoft Windows Defender list?

The reason I am asking this is because once you disable the Defender ... you can't use the On-Demand Scans with it.

Q2: Does anyone know where I can find the Microsoft Safety Scanner Definitons LOG/Changes?


G! :)

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Hello gonwk,

I am not aware of Windows Defender, or Microsoft Safety Scanner, being considered effective tools against malware. Most anti-malware vendors have long lists of various malwares they recognize, but being able to protect against them, and/or remove them, is really the kicker. Avira is a well-respected antivirus, and if you have that and a solid anti-malware program (this Malwarebytes' forum suggests one good choice for that), and know how they work and keep them updated, you should do fine.

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