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Idea for RogueRemover


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I figured you're coming near the 1000 (edit: 200, crap, I thought it was more than that) application mark for RogueRemover, and I noticed that for each new release of RR, the .exe file grows noticeably in size. I think it was near 300kb or so at first, and it is now at 620kb. At that rate, you're going to be at 1.5mb around version 1.1! :D

Why not have RR read files with the rogue definitions (you could call the file extention .rrf or .rrd), and you (or some of the other experts here) could just release the new definitions from time to time? That way, you'd cut down on the amount of time you'd have to release a new version of the program, and the size of the program wouldn't go up very much anymore.

You could also encrypt the definition files somehow so the "bad guys" couldn't come in and mess the definition files up.

0 to 2mb is an OK size for downloadable applications, but bigger than that is too big for folks with dial-up, IMHO (I'm on DSL, btw, but I remember the days of 56k).

Just an idea for a program that is quickly turning into one of the best I have seen in a while. :D

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I'm actually planning on UPX'ing the binaries which will decrease the size to around 100kb. The binaries are growing so fast because of the database which is mostly all strings. Once those strings are UPX'd they decrease in size dramatically. Expect the next update to be UPX'd and a heck of a lot smaller.

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OK, that sounds good. I love UPX. :D

I cannot believe I didn't think of that before I posted a new thread.

The binaries are growing so fast because of the database which is mostly all strings

Sounds suspiciously similar to a project I maintain... :D

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