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Updating drivers Win 7, 64-bit


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Hi, I'm trying to update my drivers on my new Win 7 64-bit computer. I ran a free PC Pitstop driver scan and it came up with several drivers needed updating. However, when I checked those drives under My Computer, Hardware none of those drivers needed to be updated when using windows update driver. My question is should I update or not? Should I pay for a 1 year subscription to PC Pitstop Driver Alert to download those drivers that need to be updated?

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Hello, unless you are having a problem with a component of your computer, you do not need to up-date any drivers at all. This was proven when you checked your machine within Win7. I would not spend the money on "PC Pitstop Driver Alert" as it has already proven it is not worth it. Win7 will let you know when something needs to be up-dated by giving you a message in the action center, and you will see a notification in the system tray.

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Normally a driver should not be updated just to update it. Updates are made for a specific reason and not every update applies to every computer so you should always verify what the update addresses and ascertain if it applies to your system or not.

For OEM built computers (HP, Dell, IBM, Toshiba, etc...) you should first review their site to see if they have any update or not. Then if wanted review the actual hardware MFG site to see if they have an update (again just because one is available does not always mean it should be installed).

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advancedsetup and computiac have the right idea ... if it aint broke , don't fix it .

there are some updates that are ok to install as they come along ... such as those that address "security hole" issues .

others (as in the case of video/graphics cards) , are for improved performance and stability in certain instances .

it is best to check with the originator of the software/program for any updates ... they will usually explain the "whys and whats" of a particular address .

i do not like those "let-us-update-this-for-you" programs . it is another chunk of software that can run in the background and nibble away at ram and cpu time .

i turn off all auto-update functions within most programs , exceptions being the antivirus/malware , browser (be careful with those IE version updates , let someone else beta test them for a while) and other essential programs . i manually check items like adobe reader and such .

there are no free lunches ... with a "free" program , one usually gets blurbs (in one manner or another) hawking some other product .

as stated , windows is pretty good about keeping drivers up to date .

as i recall , there is a "fancy" version of windows updates that will look for drivers/updates to/for more "stuff" in your machine .

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