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How to protect flashdrive

Stevie D

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Hi, StevieD:

Until Firefox returns, to answer your question, I don't think a standard AV will automatically turn off autorun.

It is something that you have to do in the OS.

You didn't mention your OS, but if you run a Google search for "disable autorun Windows XP" (or Vista, or Windows 7), you should find the appropriate link to a MS technical article or similar tutorial.

Panda USB vaccine is a downloadable utility that can be used to "immunize" your flash drive. It essentially disables autorun on the flash drive. I use it on my USB flash drives.

If you're not sure how to proceed, then feel free to wait until Firefox returns with more expert and detailed advice than I can provide. :)



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Even better (or quicker) ...

Click on the Orb and in the search box type AutoPlay.... and change the setting....

Thanks for all the advice...I just bought a USB that has a password feature...will that work if I disable autorun?

I think Malwarebytes should add a function that addresses USB malware.

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additionally ...

most good antivirus programs allow the option of automatically scanning any flash drive , memory card (etc) when it is plugged into the machine .

for example , i have my AV set to do a full-tilt scan of any memory devices when they are inserted ... yep , it does this even if i momentarily remove the drive and plug it back in .

it may seem like a bit of a hassle , but when one considers the potential loss due to *something* running amok , it is "cheap" insurance .

i do a fair amount of file recovery , transfer , etc . so far it has proved itself to be a valuable tool/practice .

those "thumb drives" are one vector of infection that some people either overlook or "play down" .

check the settings/options of your AV ... the function will be listed there .

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@ Stevie D, I have not tested that with my flash with a password feature, but I would assume that it would continue to work. You would not be prompted for a password when you insert it, but when you try and access it, it should then prompt you.

These days I am not using the password protected one on a daily basis, I have a new one that I use that has a write protect switch on it (kind of like the way floppies used the write protect lever).

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