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Facebook chat pops up a configuration message for pc


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hello every one


every time when some one start a chat with me a message pops up

while i have never used quick time

i only installed it for Itunes (weeks ago)

is this a sign of a threat or infection ?

this was noticed today as i always chat with lots of people and no problem

it only started today.

5-6 days ago apple update program asked to update i tunes and quicktime

but at the mean time secunia psi scans states itunes is up to date and secure.

windows 7 ultimate 32x


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  • Root Admin

It is very common for other media players to associate themselves to quick time. You can click YES to have it take back the associations safely.

Now as to the content trying to play a quick time movie that may or may not be safe itself but resetting the associations is safe.

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Advanced setup it's good to see you again

no i wasn't trying to play any content

it only appears when someone trys to chat with me and not otherwise (in other words when Friend send me chat message and before the chat sound beeps ) so when it appears and i click close the (beep) sound of chat plays and chat begins

but if no action was made to the message the chat sound will stay on hold

this was tested many times

and i'm very worried that it might be something related to security :\

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  • Root Admin


Well FB due to its popularity does have people trying all kinds of tricks.

Go find a safe .MOV file such as maybe on Apple's site for movie previews and I'm sure you will get the same prompt for Quick Time.

If you do think that you may be infected then the only other course would be to have someone assist you in checking for it in the HJT forum.

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