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Hi All -

I'm a long time user of the mbam free version in combo with a paid version of another product.

Am somewhat dissatisfied with my currently paid product - well, actually I'm dissatisfied with their disinterest in customer service when their product acts up, which happens occasionally. Having reviewed the customer service options at mbam, including the very helpful forum responses, I am considering switching to the mbam paid version as my primary.

However, it is unclear whether your PRO version provides two features that I find valuable in my current paid product:

* A firewall (I do not believe it is safe to rely on Windows firewall.)

* I like to set up the virus checker to automatically check for updates regularly (e.g., hourly), but I like it to ask me if I am ready for it to install the update before it actually begins the update installation. (That way I avoid having their application from locking up my entire system while I wait for them to install the update and possibly require a reboot to complete.)

Would appreciate your thoughts on such matters.


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Malwarebytes is not an antivirus. It is antimalware and focuses on high rate malware and ones commonly missed by antiviruses. It does not have same functionality an antivirus has.

1. Malwarebytes' does not have a firewall. It does have an ip blocker which helps block against malicious websites from installing malware in the first place.

2. The scheduler is very flexible and will you to do this. :) Check this on how to use it.

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