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Avast Finds 9 Trojans in MalwareBytes Process

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I did a very thorough scan using Avast Free Anti-Virus and it found 9 Trojans in the Malwarebytes (paid version) "Process". Does this just mean that Malwarebytes managed to block malware or does it mean that these Trojans have actually hijacked Malwarebytes? It also found one Trojan in the CMDAGENT.EXE process (Comodo firewall). No malware was found in any files on disk.

That is the last time I will press the I AM FEELING LUCKY button in Google!

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Yes, if you do a custom memory scan for example, you get this result with Avast!

As long as it looks like this:


it is supposed to happen according to Avast! staff.

See for their explanation in the following post:


If I do a custom memory scan with Avast! I get the same result (see attached image), despite of having set the exclusions properly:


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I hope Avast do have the correct answer! This is my first Avast Custom scan since purchasing Malwarebytes a few days ago. I used the free Malwarebytes version for a few weeks before then. I never did an Avast custom scan when I was using the free Malwarebytes. It kinda makes sense that the malwarebytes process could hold virus signatures in memory and this is what was actually scanned - the signatures and not the virus themselves.

But it just so happens that about 1 hour before the scheduled Avast custom scan started I typed PERFECT GIRL into Google and hit the I AM FEELING LUCKY BUTTON. Up popped a website that then proceeeded to apparently scan my ports. Malwarebytes went mad blocking outgoing traffic from dozens of computer ports destined to a certain IP address. I quickly closed the offending website - it was a porn site - and all seemed OK until I did the scan!

I am now looking for a port scanning tool to check all my ports - just to make sure they are all closed - but I don't know which port scanners are to be trusted!

The website in question is perfectgirls dot net - BUT DO NOT VISIT IT!

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