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This is a warning to others.

Inbox-dot-com suddenly appeared in Internet Explorer 9. I thought it was some IE application (there are so many add-on's now) so ignored it. Last night I finally realised Inbox had actually taken over IE9 and had greyed out most of the IE controls including Internet Options.

I spent all night battling Inbox and finally was able to unsettle Inbox enough to get me into IE Internet Options where I blocked it. This more or less disabled Internet Explorer which Inbox had hijacked.

By this morning IE9 seems to have recovered, but this is serious stuff.

If you see Inbox on your computer get rid of it at once. If you can manually configure Malwarebytes to block Inbox please do so, and let me know, I can't see a way to set Malwarebytes to stop Inbox in its tracks!

Many thanks,


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Hello, kr236rk:

Until one of the MBAM staff arrives with specific feedback about inbox-dot-com, please see below, as this particular sub-forum is designated for discussion of problems/issues with installing and running the MBAM program. :)

If you think you are infected, please refer to MBAM administrator AdvancedSetup's advice in the other, similar topic to which you have also replied here.

The authorized, trained experts at the malware removal forum will assist you in the detection and removal of any malware and related issues.



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