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Do a good deed today, uninstall Windows XP :)


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Do a good deed today, uninstall Windows XP


Let's compare the major computer operating systems at the moment. We have Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. We have various Linux distributions, and we have Mac OS X.

Of these, obviously Windows XP has the weakest security, by far, and Windows XP has the biggest marketshare, too. Globally close to half of all computers still run XP.

And today, Windows XP is ten years old.

Ten years is an eternity in this business. So it's no wonder XP's security architecture is not up to date.

As a result, attackers right now would be stupid to spend their time and money targetting any other operating system. That makes no sense as long as they have this huge, easy low hanging fruit.

Obviously XP is going away. As we can see from this chart, Windows 7 will pass XP in the near future and will become the most common operating system.

And when XP's marketshare drops low enough, attackers need to start looking around. Some will focus on Windows 7. Others will look at OS X, Android, iOS and so on.

The attackers have never had it so good. The easiest target is also the most common target. This can't change quick enough.

Do a good deed today. Uninstall an XP.

Mikko Hypponen is the Chief Research Officer for F-Secure and is based in Finland. He has worked with computer security for more than 20 years.

Source: http://betanews.com/...tall-windows-xp



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  • Root Admin

Deployed 1 workstation with Windows 7 on it for Graphics department.

In two weeks there were 31 help desk tickets from that user alone needing help. Finally pulled back the system formatted it and put XP Pro on it and so far only 2 tickets from that same user now in about 4 months.

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  • Root Admin

Well I've not had to have direct Microsoft support for XP probably since it first came out.

What really makes it hard not to change is HARDWARE - sooner or later as you replace old hardware the newer hardware gets harder and harder to find drivers that work with the new hardware.

So though I'm perfectly okay with XP myself, in time I'll be forced to swap it out too :(


4. Will Microsoft offer support beyond the Extended Support phase?

Microsoft understands that local laws, market conditions, and support requirements differ around the world and differ by industry sector. Therefore, Microsoft offers custom support relationships that go beyond the Extended Support phase. These custom support relationships may include assisted support and hotfix support, and may extend beyond 10 years from the date a product becomes generally available. Strategic Microsoft partners may also offer support beyond the Extended Support phase. Customers and partners can contact their account team or their local Microsoft representative for more information.

20. How long can I legally use Microsoft software after I have licensed it? Is the term of my software license affected by the Support Lifecycle policy?

The Support Lifecycle policy has no effect on how long you can use a product. The Support Lifecycle policy outlines how long Microsoft will provide technical support for products.

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Don't make me bust out my old TI 94/A :D

You too??

I paid $495 (MSRP $595) for my first TI94/A and *$50.00* each for my last 2 (for parts).. That was a beautiful system (TI94 sucked at 40 cols, etc, but when the /A version came out.. with 80 cols, etc, et al.. that was something.) I just couldn't afford the peripheral rack and peripherals at $1,000 more. *sigh* good old days..


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Yep I had one. I worked on a basic routine for days. Then got down to the last page of code and found I was out of memory. Could not figure out a way to reduce the code so pretty much gave it up at that time and put it away. Kept it in the closet for many years before getting rid of it.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Sooner or later one needs to upgrade to a new OS as older OS systems become out-dated and then non-supported by their suppliers (ie; Windows 95/98 and ME). Windows 7 is perfect, it is way better than Windows Vista and that is a true fact, I think it was way to glossy and overly bloated which brought it down quite a bit.

But if you do upgrade away from Windows XP - you may start joining the current revolution :P

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And here we format the drive to remove Windows 7 and put on XP :lol:

We have to do the same thing.

Our backbone along with specialized database programs we use, will not run on Vista/Win7.

Last year we even had to disable auto updates when IE8 came out until some database updates were done.

You're talking about millions of dollars for corporations to spend before Win7 will be implemented.

I don't see that happening anytime soon.

This isn't like updating your home pc from XP to Win7.

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