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FileAssassin Suggestions


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This is great to delete those files that just refuse to die!

I was already using Unlocker and KillBox when I discovered this. I find it more powerful than KillBox (which is preferable to Unlockerl when I use it in someone else's pc through a USB pen).

I noticed the new version is available with an installer only... I prefered the standalone for this sort of app...

Is it possible to provide users a installer and binary package (though I extracted the binaries from the installer with the Universal Extractor :D ).

Since you now created a setup, are you considering shell integration to detect when files are locked and kill all related threads (like Unlocker).

Wouldn't it also be possible to make FileAssassin a standalone self contained .exe (merge dll and exe into a single file) for the binary version?

Best regards and keep up the good work!

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  • Root Admin

Hello, and welcome to the forums!

Yes, the installer was the best idea for command line because the EULA could be placed in another location (the installer). And as for shell integration, yes I was planning on doing it, but not like the message box hooking that Unlocker does, I dislike that.

Creating FileASSASSIN using one file would not be very easy, considering I am using 2 different languages to code this utility, both files are needed. However putting it on a USB pen would be easy and you can just grab the dll and exe anywhere you go. The installer is just to get passed the EULA.

I will integrate shell extension in the next update.

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I agree that the user should have the choice of whether to install the shell integration or not. I'm not one for shell options, i'd much rather just use the drag and drop feature that's already being used. So imho I think a secondary install method should be a zip file with the files (and the EULA) so that the pen drive will be a great place for this app.

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Better than shell integration it's SendTo menu. However for both in the installation package should have the choice for the users.

At this time the users cann't choice the folder installation; can you think to change this annoyance?

A standalone package it's a great idea.


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