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Dear Malwarebytes.

I own and run the website cyberfear.net

Recently various users at the site started reporting that they are unable to

access the site, due to Malwarebytes Anti-Malware blocking it.

I would like to kindly request http://cyberfear.net/ (or IP addresses stored with relation to the site) removed from the blocklist,

as i can guarantee that there are no malicious content hosted on the domain or these IP-addresses.

Thanks - Cyberfear staff

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You're obviously already aware as to why it was blocked, given the post on your forums. To quote;

"Hey everyone, so Malware Bytes has decided to block Cyberfears ip.... probably for the isteal or rat hosted on here, so im going to move those to an external host, then contact Malware Bytes requesting a removal"

Moving them to a different host isn't exactly going to help. Never the less, I'm going to confer with a colleague, given the rest of the content of your site, and make a determination as to whether or not to remove the block.

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This is one of the sites that unfortunately falls into an area were everyone wants to inject their personal politics. I do not in any way care what the content is, I only care that this type of site statistically has a dramatically elevated chance of infecting our users. That being said we do acknowledge that a blanket IP block does not give enough information about the block and as a result the current plan is to split the IP list up into categories and allow the user to make the call when it comes to which groups of threats are blocked.

I am having our researchers look into this some more and if the IPs and/or site itself does pose a threat I will make the call to side with protecting our users. If this can be classified as a potential threat only we will not be default blocking it any longer.

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