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updating the data base

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Installed Malwarebtes Anti-Malware program on a Dell Dimension 3000 after performing a clean install of Windows XP Pro. Malwarebytes program installation was good. When the window appeared saying that the data base was outdated by 48 days and asked me if I wanted to update now, I clicked on YES and I got an ERROR window. The contents of the error window were as follows: "An error has occurred. Please report this error code to our support team. PROGRAM_ERROR_UPDATING(11004,0, No address found). The requested name is valid and was found in the database, but it does not have the correct associated data being resolved for". What is causing this and how can I correct it? BTW, I reinstalled windows, thinking it could have been a problem during the installation, but the error still occurs with this second reinstallation.

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Gilloz -

I've been having the same problem since yesterday. I'll press "update" button and it just sits there, never connecting. Also, the webpage www.malwarebytes.org fails to load also. Tried accessing malwarebyte's webpage with a different computer, but same result -- no response from server. Seems like the server's on the fritz?

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Hi, Gilloz and welcome to MBAM:

I assume you use a router to connect to the internet?

Please have a look at the FAQ - Section N for tips on how to troubleshoot this particular error message and how to proceed if the troubleshooting does not resolve the issue.

AND, Happy Birthday! :)

Hi, BigPete22:

Are you getting the exact same error message as Gilloz?

Or are you having trouble updating MBAM, but with a different or no particular error message?

Reason for asking is that there are many possible explanations for having trouble updating -- so, your problem may or may not be the same as Gilloz's.

In that case, it would be best to please start your own topic, providing a bit more info about your system in your post:

  • What is your Operating System (XP, Vista, or Win7)?
  • Is your OS 32-bit or 64-bit?
  • What is your OS Service Pack?
  • What version (if any) of MBAM have you run?
  • What MBAM database version did you use?
  • What brand and version of antivirus, antimalware, and firewall software do you have?
  • Do you use a router to connect to the internet?
  • Have you recently been infected or might you now be infected (popups, browser redirects, crashes, disappearing or misbehaving programs, etc)?

One of the more expert folks will likely have some other suggestions,


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Thanks BigPete for your response. Malwarebytes works with two other computers and I have no problems. They have Windows XP and Windows 7 Home Premium. But, this Dell doesn't seem to respond very good with it. I'll wait for a time period and see if anyone else will help us. Thanks again.

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Hello daledoc 1: I did not see your reply until after I posted my reply to BigPete. Thanks you so much for the information. This is how I solved my Error window. Yes, you were correct in that I am using a Linksys Wired Router with a built in Hardware Firewall. Right now I have my Windows 7 computer connected to the router as well as the Dell computer in question. I went to the Registry address that was called out in the Section N that you mentioned and looked at the data for the parameter DhcpNamerServer. I did the same thing with the Dell computer and that Data was identical. This told me that there was nothing wrong with my router, I think. After closing out my Regedit, I went to look at my Server DNS numbers. My computer had the numbers for my Verizon DSL, and the Dell was set to "Obtain DNS Server address automatically" I checked to Use these DNS numbers and entered the Verizon Server numbers on the Dell computer. Problem no longer exists. Malwarebytes now downloads the updates normally. Thank you so much for your help. I hope Big Pete solves his problem also.

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Hi, Gilloz:

Glad everything is working now.

Don't thank me -- it's the MBAM expert and moderator, Mainard, who wrote the FAQ article. :)

I just pointed you to it. :)

Have you run an MBAM scan with the updated database?

And if you have any questions or concerns that you might be infected, you might want to read the sticky article here and then start a new post in the Malware Removal section. The experts there can provide one-on-one, free malware detection and removal assistance.

Let us know if you need anything else!


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Your procedure worked for me too (I also have Verizon). Strange ... I've never had to specify DNS servers before. In any case, it wasn't due to a DNS changer trojan as both DNS addresses were valid Verizon addresses.

Still, really strange that I only had a connectivity problem with malwarebytes' server. Oh well, it's fixed.

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Well, specifying the DNS addresses worked once, but no more. Did a full MBAM scan of computer - no infections. Re-set router to factory configuration. Still no luck. Malwarebytes home page still very slow to load. If/when it does load, no graphics, just text & links. Again, I am not experiencing any other internet problems.

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Also, I notice that malwarebytes uses "cdn" (content delivery network) servers (CDN is "a collection of web servers distributed across multiple locations to deliver content more efficiently to users"). Could it be that my local CDN server is having problems? Seems like the most logical explanation given that I'm having no other connectivity issues?

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Hello, and Welcome to Malwarebytes

It is quite possible that you have some sort of re-director infection going on there. Best bet is to have one of the experts take a look at your logs to get to the bottom of it, see below:

If you think you are infected, here are the steps needed to get your computer cleaned....

Please read the following so that you can begin the cleaning process:

You have 3 Options that you can choose from as listed below:

  • Option 1 —— Free Expert advice in the Malware Removal Forum
  • Option 2 —— Paying customer -- Contact Support via email
  • Option 3 —— Premium, Fee-Based Support


As we don't deal with malware removal in the
General Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Forum
, you need to start a topic in the
Malware Removal forum
so a qualified helper can help you fix any malware related problems/infections you may have.

  • Please read and follow the
    , skipping any steps you are unable to complete. Then post a

  • After posting your new post, make sure under
    , you select
    Track this topic
    and choose
    Immediate Email Notification
    , so that you're alerted when someone has replied to your post.

  • One of the
    there will give you one-on-one assistance when one becomes available.

  • Please refrain from making any further changes to your computer such as (Install/Uninstall programs, use special fix tools, delete files, edit the registry, etc...) unless advised by a malware removal helper. Doing so can result in system changes which may hinder the attempts by a helper to clean your machine.

Please DO NOT post back to (bump) your topic within the first 48 hours.

Replying to your own posts changes the post count and helpers are looking for topics with zero replies. If you reply to your own post helpers may think that you're already being helped and thus overlook your post.
    • If there is no reply from any experts after 48 hours, you can reply to the topic, asking for help again.


    • You may send a Private Message to a Moderator asking for assistance.


Alternatively, as a paying customer, you can contact the help desk at


If you would like to use our Malwarebytes Premium Services, Comprehensive solutions to all your computer support needs—from installation and set-up to troubleshooting and tune-ups go to our
support site.

Please be patient, someone will assist you as soon as it is possible.

PS: Please use the "ADDREPLY" Add-Reply.png button instead of other ones when you start replying. :)

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Malwarebytes homepage loading normally today & updates working fine. I have done scans with 3 different AV's so I'm sure this wasn't a redirect virus. Considering that every other internet site worked properly, I'm guessing this was a local CDN server problem that has since been remedied.

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We appreciate the follow-up to let us know everything is working well for you.

If you have any other questions or issues arise in the future please do not hesitate to create a new topic describing your issue in detail. A friendly forum helper will be glad to assist you.

Thank you very much! :)

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