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HijackThis.exe, missing "run as administrator" in right click context menu

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This relates to my previous post--

Sorry,I am brand new to this forum, and am not familiar with it at all...

Here is the main point of my problem that I failed to mention in the post,

and couldn't figure out how to edit(if it's even possible), my post:

I downloaded HijackThis(yes, the REAL version, not the fakes), and followed the instructions.

However, when right-clicking on the desktop icon, the "run as administrator" line did not appear

in the right-click context menu. Why would this be? Is that bad? or is it because I was

already logged on with administrative rights?

I am a novice user, and it's vista. I ran the .exe anyway.

Was that a bad idea?

note: My machine(hp laptop), still works, there are just a lot of errors.

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Hello, and thank you for the reply!

I will try to be as specific as possible, with my limited understanding(i learn things the hard way)

I am just paranoid, I have had malware in the past, and I think some

registry keys were removed and/or written. There are permissions and settings that seem to have been changed,

and I think it has something to do with Java.

Probably not specific enough.

began with frequent network interruptions, sometimes a "high CPU usage" alert would appear

(courtesy of Norton), seemed to be way too many processes and services running.

I had several old versions of java that I hadn't removed also,and recently learned that the most recent one

is all I need. Sounded like(according to java.com), quite a few security risks were there.

any logs that would be helpful?

What about Speccy? I like how it breaks down what's what, but is it a useful tool in your opinion?

I'm in over my head with Vista!

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