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Personal Shield/XP AntiV - A question before I begin please...


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Hi -

My brother-in-law's system (XP Pro SP3 with AMD dual-core, 4gB RAM, large disk 25% full) is infected with Personal Shield Pro and XP AntiVirus 2012. I have it at my house for cleaning. There are two accounts, his and his wife's. I used the self help guides (basically a run of MBAM) and worked his account. But the infection is still active on hers. They're both "admin" permitted (yep - we're going to change that!)

What should I have done to get to both accounts simultaneously? At present the system is so infected, in Safe Mode on her account, PSP or XP A/V starts up, comes in and takes over. That's a new one on me! Anyway, normal or safe mode, the system is now almost unusable, has trouble booting sometimes. A mess!

If I'm going to post logs for help, which account should I use? I can work alone with self-help, but I need to know how to get both accounts cleaned because history shows you do one and the other gets whacked.

Any help or direction appreciated.


Hi, Miss Elise and everyone else, I am experiencing something similar to http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=92976

Here's what happened:

  1. I am on Vista SP2
  2. All of my browsers (FF, Chrome, IE) have been hijacked by some redirect malware: searchmagnified.com, fast-find-answers.com and an IP address url that is probably Scour.com?
  3. The hosts file in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc is hosts.ics (icalendar file), and 4 other files, is this right for Vista SP2?
  4. Also, I experience a BSOD which says something about iastor.sys :((
  5. I used MalwareBytes, Esetscan, CCleaner, etc, but to no avail
  6. Should I also disable Windows Defender before I begin ComboFix? Is it very dangerous to use ComboFix? :'(
  7. All of this started only yesterday after I got infected by a rogue/scareware Security Protection and MB got rid of it.

Thank you all :'( I'm helping my little sister finish her homework hope we can complete it today.

Hi guys, can anyone help me? What should I do first? Download HiJack this?

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Glad we could help. :)

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