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Malware preventing update MBAM; posting logs as instructed

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Yesterday I posted a request for assistance in this forum for a malware infection. So far I have not received a direct response but a reader suggested it would be helpful if I were to proceed with the more detailed procedure described here:


My original post is here:


[Also yesterday, I posted a query if anyone could recommend a work-around for me to download an update file from the MalwareBytes website:

http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=92868&st=0&p=466772&fromsearch=1entry466772 ]

I have completed the procedural steps including running defogger, DDS.scr, and GMER. Here are the three log files created in that process:

DDS.txt (created by DDS.scr)


Attach.txt (created by DDS.scr)


ark.txt (created by GMER)


I hope these files are of use in ferreting out the malware.

I will add that I ran Emsisoft Anti-Malware this morning which revealed that my machine is/was infected with Trojan.Win32.Swinsys. I quarantined that nasty bit of code (awaiting further instruction from tech support), however I am still unable to update the MBAM definitions database.

Thanks again, to any and all who may be able to assist me!

David Orr

Fayetteville, Arkansas

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