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option to "not show the balloon messages"

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Please add an option in the settings to disable the balloon messages for blocked IPs as they are very annoying.

Also the website blocking option can be moved to setting and this way it may be saved forever not just for the session (when restart the pc the option to not block websites (website blocking unchecked) is revert to default which is checked for blocking.)

I am not application programmer however think these logical suggestions can be integrated in the next version for say 30 or 3 minutes. Thanks a lot for the great program you develop and support. You rock.

PS: Your option to ignore a found threat is the best developed among the all major anti-everything programs out there. no one works like it should except yours. Congrats. ;)

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Hello dimchopicha,

To hide the IP block balloon notification: post-60618-0-12774500-1313615936.png

When you add an IP through the block it will add that IP to the ignore list permanently. If you unchecked the option to start malicious IP blocking with protection module IP protection should not start on any session while unchecked.

Thank you for the kind words.

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:lol: How I have missed that, I was searching it in settings, and somehow missed the option on the protection tab. Sorry about that.

As long for the Website blocking option I am sure it does not work as it should for me as I should uncheck it every time I reboot my pc. I will not uncheck it anymore now when I found the disable balloon option :rolleyes: thanks to you however it does not work like it should for me for some strange reason.

I am on Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit.

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No I am with admin account, I am unchecking it on the right click menu of the programs icon in the system tray.

Another option that I have missed on the protection tab. It is little confusing though. Now I know why it saves only for the session. I should uncheck it in the settings on the protection tab.

Keep up the good work.

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Hello dimchopicha,

The system tray items are set per session once you log out the setting will be 'forgotten'. If you wish to save those setting changes please go into the protection tab of the main MBAM scanner and change the setting(s) to what you desire.

Thank you.

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