Need to install and run Malwarebyte onto infected computer

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My computer is infected with a virus that prevents me from updating my antivirus programs like Avg and Adaware and I cannot access any antivirus websites to download new ones because I either keep getting hijacked to different websites or prevented from establishing a connection. I have installed Malwarebytes onto my 2nd computer and then onto the infected computer via the flash drive. When I try running the program from the flash drive or on the infected computer by clicking on the mbam application file icon however, I get an error message about a run code error. I tried clicking the mbamgui icon but nothing happens. Trying to download Malwarebytes directly onto the infected computer is futile because the virus blocks me from any website containing the download. Is there anyway I can get Malwarebyte to run on the infected computer??

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You need to create a bootable CD using a clean PC and have you AV software on it. Two options that I'm aware of are BartPE (see BartePE website) or Spybot bootcd (see Spybot Boot CD

A few months ago I did a really stupid thing and installed a virus that took over my PC and I was forced to format the HD and start all over. I'm still installing applications that were on the PC.

Good luck!

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Hello sporto and Welcome to

Please read and follow the instructions provided here: Pre- HJT Post Instructions

When ready please post your logs here: Malware Removal - HijackThis Logs

Someone will be happy to assist you further with cleaning your system.

During this scan and cleanup process you should not install any other software unless requested to do so.

Run those items that you can and for those that won't run bypass them and post what you can in the forum listed above.

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