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Will this scan all user accounts on my computer?

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I have four users set up on my desktop computer because I'm somehow unable to delete their accounts in WinXP. Will this program scan all user accounts or do I have to go in to each and perform the scan? Also, are most other spyware/antispyware programs set up to scan all users? I know that Super Antispyware will only allow this option when it releases the new 5.0 version.

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Hello and welcome to MBAM.

IIRC, It's best to scan from an administrator account.

You may also need to scan from the other accounts for full cleanup, if malware is detected.

Until someone more expert stops by, please have a look at this recent post by forum Admin AdvancedSetup, which explains it better than I can:


HTH a bit,


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It is best to scan as an administrator for proper removal of any infections found, that being said....

Malwarebytes will scan all folders where malware likes to reside and it will scan the registry hive for the currently logged on user. It will not be able to scan the user hives for the other users, but if any malware is found on the computer (ie files) and are removed, the hives from the other users that point to those files will not be able to run. In order to clean the registry for each user a scan would have to be performed under each user account.

Hope that makes sense... if not don't hesitate to ask for clarification.

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