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Please help i dont know whats wrong but something is!


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hello there i hope someone on here can help me

I have a acer aspire 5920g laptop with 250 hdd and 4gig ddr ram, i left my laptop downloading some samples of instruments as i do audio production on my laptop.

when i woke up in the morning my laptop was unresponsive to everything i did so had no choice but to switch off and restart but when i did the screen came up saying windows did not shut down properly please select either restart in safe mode or start normally.

i started normally and then it wouldn't go past a black screen, so i restarted again and got a message saying windows did not start properly so was shut down to prevent harm to my compute, this was on a blue screen.

so after hours of trawling through various website on my other laptop i have tried to do a system reboot, but now am stuck with with the acer background and 2 command screens which have been on for over 2 hours, one says update device driver please wait and the window has at the top C:\windows\system32\cmd.exe, and the second says nothing but has at the top C:\Ati\Bin\ATISETUP.EXE.

i have tried safe mode to but that freezes at crcdisk.sys.

Please can someone help



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Hi, Dave28:

Sorry to hear that you are having such major computer problems.

It would probably be best if you stay with your topic here, rather than cross-posting in your other thread at the General MBAM forum here, since your problems do seem at first glance to be either hardware or OS-related, rather than a specific MBAM program issue.

It could possibly be the result of infection, but I don't think we yet have enough information to know for sure.

Until someone more expert arrives, can you please post back with some basic info about the computer - this will assist the experts in advising you:

  • What is your Operating System (XP, Vista, or Win7)?
  • Is your OS 32-bit or 64-bit?
  • What is your OS Service Pack?
  • What brand and version of antivirus, antimalware, and firewall software do you have?
  • Have you recently been infected or were you experiencing other signs of infection before the problem began?
  • Do you have your Windows OS CD (or a recovery disk, e.g. from Acer) on hand, just in case?

Please be patient -- someone will reply to you with some further advice as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience and understanding,


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Hi Dave28,

Why don't you try to restore (in safe mode, as you can't load the OS correctly) your system to a previous date when everything was working fine ?

i have tried but when i try to load safe mode it freezes on crcdsk.sys and wont go any further

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Hi, dave28:

Thanks for the info.

I'm a bit surprised that you don't have a Windows OS disk, as most newer computers come with one.

I assume then that you never created a "repair disc" when you first got the computer?

Perhaps there is a hidden recovery partition on the hard drive (typically this is a D:/ partition on most home systems) that you can boot into or from which to run a Windows repair?

I understand that you are unable even to boot into safe mode.

And I understand that you were unable to run chkdsk.

And it seems as if you can't even get into the Recovery Console (IIRC this is pre-installed with both Vista and Win7).

This sounds to me (just a home user) like hardware or critical OS corruption.

It's certainly over my head, but I assume the options are going to be along the lines of trying one of the rescue disks (Kaspersky, etc) or bootable Linux disk. As a last resort, of course, there is the nuclear option (reformat).

Are there critical data files you need to recover?

This is pretty much over my head at this point.

Hopefully, someone more expert will come along with some suggestions.

Some other options (as these forums here tend to be a bit malware-focused) might be www.bleepingcomputer.com., www.vistax64.com, or www.whatthetech.com, all of which tend to be a bit more geared to general computer issues such as this one (many of the experts here at MBAM also work at these and other sites/forums....) :) .

Let's see if the pros have some better advice.

REALLY sorry I couldn't resolve this for you, as I know it's got to be nerve-wracking, :(


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and also insufficient disk space to fix volume bitmap chkdsk aborted

Hi, dave28:

Glad you are making progress.

Sounds as if your original user profile was corrupt, but that a new account is working OK.

Not clear if this is a hardware or a software problem, but from the above message you posted earlier, it seems you are -- at the very least -- out of disk space.

If I were you, and you do manage to boot up, I'd probably attend to the following, in this approximate order:

1) Back up to an external device or media all your important data files (documents, photos, etc).

2) Free up some disk space using Windows disk cleanup, as well as deleting any old programs and files you don't need: http://www.vistax64.com/tutorials/76073-disk-cleanup.html

3) Run chkdsk: http://www.vistax64.com/tutorials/67612-check-disk-chkdsk.html

4) Perhaps run SFC: http://www.vistax64.com/tutorials/66978-system-files-sfc-command.html

5) Perhaps run a defrag or two: http://www.vistax64.com/tutorials/72832-disk-defragmenter.html

This will all take some time....

You might also want to run some additional hardware and software diagnostics.

If there is any possibility that you might be infected, then it still might be a good idea to have one of the malware experts take a look at your system.

Information on how to get started with that is here.

Then, you would need to start a new topic by posting the requested logs here.

Let us know how you are getting along -- perhaps by the time you post back, one of the experts will have weighed in, :)


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