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laptop dell inspiron was dropped accidentally :'(


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my laptop was dropped by accident , i was so carefull but accidents happen

and i need to make sure if is it okay or not.

so what should i do

the dropping point was't so high i was just carrying it using the shoulder holder.

and the plastic joints seems that it was slipped from each other and i tried to decrease the force of impact by putting my feet quickly under the case.


i hope my laptop is fine

sorry my english is not so good.

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power it up ... it will either work or it wont .

most of the time laptop damage is not just "joints slipping out of place" . things are fairly tight in design and any visible movement/misalignment may indicate broken pieces .

tearing the laptop apart is a last resort but may be needed to put things back in place , replace pieces and such .

i have seen damage to the corners ... the hinges and anchor points were broken .

rebuilding these sometimes requires new parts , in some cases the plastics can be rebuilt with a two part methacrylic adhesive/agent .

in one instance the cpu cooling fan had become bound up ... no spin ... due to a piece of plastic getting stuck in the fan .

ps ... some of those laptop carrying cases are not so good .

it is almost like wrapping the laptop in a hand-towel ... not much protection in vertical drops .

placing a piece of dense foam in the bottom will help absorb the physical shock of being dropped vertically .

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sorry for the misunderstanding

but the plastic joint's which i mentioned above is for the joints of the holder of the carring case

not the laptop it self, i guess it's body and frame is fine (no cracks or any broked corners)and i did turned it on and it worked .

also the case isn't expensive , i guess it's not fully protecting

and it's a heavy 15.6'' laptop but i guess i can feel that the carring case has some sponge foam at the bottom and the sides of it.

so what you recommend me to do?


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