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Blank Screen and Mouse Cursor after Log in


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I came to turn my windows 7 pc on this morning and it booted as normal - starting windows - welcome - then the screen goes blank with just a mouse cursor.

Ctrl-Alt-Del works and I can bring up task manager, but task manager stops responding as soon as I try and start a new task. Tried safe mode, exactly same thing happens.

If I switch to another user it works fine and the desktop shows up and everything, just my main user that won't work?

Tried system restore but doesn't fix it.

Any suggestions?


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Hi and welcome:


Sounds like a corrupted user profile, maybe?

(Although usually when this happens, you'll get the "preparing your desktop" message and Windows will load a temporary profile...)

Perhaps have a look here:


If you have your Windows DVD, perhaps try a startup repair?

The other basic troubleshooting would include a sfc /scannow.

Hope you get it up and running soon!

Someone more expert than I will undoubtedly have something more to advise,

daledoc1 (just a home user)

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Sounds like a corrupt profile, I would suggest backing up your files and wiping out the profile. It is possible that it's failing to load a driver as well. You might want to check and make sure all your drivers are up to date. Also run a disk check on your hard drive to make sure that isn't the problem.

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