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I'm really freaking out, please help.

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First off let me say this... I might me over reacting.

Yesterday... I did something stupid. I was on a site I shouldn't have been on, talked to somebody I shouldn't have trusted and downloaded something that I think screwed me over. It was a video file. When I ran it, it opened in Windows Media Player, but I have all video files set to open in VLC Media Player. I freaked out and use a shredder program (Eraser) to over write the file with the 35-time algorithm... I don't think I can get it back, nor do I want to.

After that, all my video files defaulted back to Windows Media Player and some of my file tyoes that worked before (like .rmvb and .rm) will not play at all anymore even though I still have my codec pack for them.

On top of all of that, I found this in my Task Maneger.


I've never seen processes with out user names before... at least not these 3 in particular.

Mbam doesn't find anything and neither dose any other virus scanner, even with a full scan on all hard drives with the latest data base. I'm really scared. I didn't get any sleep last night. Please help me.

Well... that happened.

I realized that I forgot to post my logs in my post so I went to run Mbam again, but before I even got to the scanner, my computer crashed. Upon restart... my system was just gone. Compleatly corrputed... or maybe deleted or something, I didn't take the tiem to investagate.

I low level reformatted the drive and re did the MBR. The OS re installed just fine to. Just giving people an up date and letting them know not to worry too much... but I'm still worried about Mbam not being able to detect at all.

Anyway, feel free to lock or delete of something... I need to go update my version of Common Sense Anti Virus.

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Hi and welcome to Malwarebytes.

I'm pretty sure you are overreacting. File extensions changing aren't really a symptom of malware in this case; neither are the other things you mentioned.

Since you formatted, you should be fine. I've never heard of that antivirus and wouldn't recommend it over the others that I have used.

If you are unsure of a file, upload it to VirusTotal for analysis before launching it.

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