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Manually install mbam-rule under

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Computer verison: XP SP3 and Windows 7 64-bit SP1

Malwarebytes version: (Free Version)

Manually installed mbam-rule (download rule on 07/27/11) on both computers. Installation is successful. Verfied rules.ref marked date modified as 07/25/11 13:46 6,922KB size on both computers

However, on Malwarebytes -> Updates -> Current database information: Date: 07/06/2011, database version: 7035, Fingerprints loaded: 332739

Rules.ref doesn't look like applying to software.

Any suggestions?

Thank you

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I found similar question from other members.

The answer is: the manual update will not update the GUI information. But when scanning, software will still pick up the new rules. And it is the current design of the software

Can anybody confirm this?

Thank you

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Is there a fix for that? Do we have to copy another file? Also, if it just shows 7/6/2011, will it ask to update after 7 days?

Hello DethZero:

A fix is not required.

Downloading/executing mbam-rules.exe is a unique alternate procedure, and is not recommended/needed for users whose systems are otherwise functioning in a proper manner.

Quite separately, the rules.ref file may be transferred from another system with MBAM, but that also is a different special procedure. It is also un-necessary for a system working well. Section A, Item 4 of the FAQ covers both of these special procedures.

Both the above special procedures were established to help MBAM users whose systems have been compromised (and can not update) and/or have lost Internet access.

Depending on what you have set your system to look for, MBAM will notify you if you have exceeded number of days set in the Settings > General Settings tab.

HTH :)

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