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ShopAtHome.com Toolbar Whitelisting


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MalwareBytes Team,

My name is Trevor McMullin, a Technical Associate with ShopAtHome.com, a shopping website dedicated to providing coupons and cash-back to customers who shop with us. Part of the ShopAtHome.com service is the Intelligent Shopping Toolbar, a plug-in for web browsers which our customers choose to install. The Intelligent Shopping Toolbar provides users with notifications about sales and bonus rewards for the retailers they shop online, as they shop them.

ShopAtHome.com is nearing completion of our latest toolbar, version, and we would like you to evaluate our software against your antivirus heuristics in advance. This will help us reduce the complications of a false-positive before we release this toolbar publically. The preview version of our toolbar is available online at http://www.shopathome.com/shopathometoolbarpreview.aspx and comes in several formats, depending on the browser the customer uses.

Additionally, I am curious to know if MalwareBytes operates a whitelisting program or has in place methods to prevent the ShopAtHome.com toolbar software or our website URL/domain from being blocked by your product in the future. Some Antivirus companies refer to this as a ‘Trusted Partner’ program and these programs can help us by keeping this powerful tool in the hands of as many customers as possible.

Please let me know if any proactive methods exist for ShopAtHome.com to become trusted software in the eyes of MalwareBytes. I have searched the knowledge base and was unable to dig up any details on opportunities for software developers like ShopAtHome.com.

Thank you for your time and feel free to call or write if you have any questions about our software.


-Trevor McMullin

Technical Associate


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Time and time again we have seen one problem above all others contribute to blacklisting, the actions of affiliates.

It would be a huge help to have in place a system where we can work with you to quickly deal with any rogue affiliates.

The ideal situation would be an app that we can run on our end that produces the affID from the installed software. We would then turn this over to you for prompt investigation.

There are no circumstances that warrant a auto-whitelisting for any program that uses affiliates. What we can do is add your software and components to auto checking to prevent any incidental false positives.

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Trevor is out for a few days so on his behalf (and ShopAtHome.com's) , I'd like to thank you for the quick reply.

We don't have an app at this time that could be run, however, if it is possible to add our software and components to auto checking we would truly appreciate it. If there are actions we need to take to ensure that this happens, please let me know.

Many regards,

Chrysie Ready

Director of Technical Operations


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