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XP Home Security 2012 virus vs MWB...

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I got the Windows XP 2012 on my desktop and all the websites said to get malwarebytes and it would take care of it. I downloaded it and did a full scan. It found 6 viruses and deleted them. It said to restart the computer. When I did, the 2012 virus popped back up and the entire screen is now blue and no icons or anything else load up. What do I do now? I am using my laptop to type this and am pretty illiterate when it comes to computers, so please be patient and specific with me! Thank you so much. My email is donna101@email.com

I thought I already posted this but this got an email saying I needed to post it here, so I hope it is posting this time. Four of the 6 viruses that showed up on my scan began with the words HKEY of something of that nature. Yesterday I tried putting the computer into safe mode with networking, which is what I installed MWB's with, but it wouldn't let me. The only thing that showed up were the alerts from the virus 2012. I accidentally left the computer on and after many hours, noticed that the icons had come back up. I just tried to go on line and put in the MWB general directions/advanced setup, but everytime I press enter it goes back to the 2012 virus alerts.

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Hello :welcome:

Before we begin, I would like to make a few things clear so that we can fix your problem as efficiently as possible:

  • Be sure to follow all my instructions carefully! If there is anything you don''t understand, don't hesitate to ask.
  • Please do not do anything or perform other steps unless I have asked you to do so.
  • Please make sure you post all logs I ask you to, and make sure that the entire log gets posted.

Step 1

Please download Rogue Kill from here

Double-click on rkill.com to run it. You may need to run this program a few times to stop the malware process running. The malware will probably complain about being stopped but please ignore this. Do not reboot your computer after running rkill as the malware programs will start again.

Step 2

Please download OTH.scr to your desktop

Please download OTL to your Desktop

Please download the attached Scan.txt to your destop

Double click the OTH file and select Kill All Processes, your desktop will go blank


Then select Start OTL

OTL will now run

  • double-click on the Custom Scans box and a message box will popup asking if you want to load a custom scan from a file
    Select Scan.txt that you downloaded
  • Click the Quick Scan button. Do not change any settings unless otherwise told to do so. The scan wont take long.
    • When the scan completes, it will open two notepad windows. OTL.Txt and Extras.Txt. These are saved in the same location as OTL.


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No, I tried that yesterday and continued to get just the blue screen. However, after several hours, the icons came back on. When I try to get on the internet, it goes to a fake yahoo page that just has the xp 2012 virus alerts. I tried typing in the line at the top but when I press enter, it just goes back to the virus alerts and won't let me go on the web at all.

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I'm reading this from my laptop. However, I have no idea how to download something on this computer and to then put it on that one. I don't having any on those little key looking things that I see kids use to take stuff from one computer to another, and the thing that runs a disk on my laptop doesn't work for some reason. Should I just take my computer up to the computer shop?

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I was unable to go to SAfe mode all day yesterday, but I just tried it and it let me in! I am in Safe mode with networking and clicked on the malwarebytes icon. Yesterday when I installed it I ran the full scan and after deleting 6 viruses is when the whole screen went blue and all I could get was the pop ups from the virus screaming at me. So obviously the Malwarebytes didn't remove it with the first scan. Should I just do the quick scan?

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I ran the quick scan and it showed 1 virus, which was the same as one from yesterday. I clicked remove it but was afraid to restart the computer as that is when I lost the ability to use the computer, even from safemode, yesterday. So I started the process of what you told me to do in the first post above. I got to "kill all processes" and then start otl, but when I pressed that it said there were no executible files. So I went to internet explorer and tried to re-download it but it said that one was already open, which if I minimize this page, it does have the OT Helper box, but no way to get rid of it. What now??

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I thought so, but apparently the OTH didn't load correctly. I ran malwarebytes again though and it said there were no viruses so I cut it off, then the screen came up blue again, except the virus popped up. I just went ahead and took it to the corner shop. Hopefully they will straighten it out. Thank you for your time though!

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Glad we could help. :)

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