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Malware Bytes and USB scanning

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i am new to malware bytes. i have been using antiviruses for a long time before this and am very dissapointed. recently i came across malwarebytes and loved the way it removed infections.

my question is : 1->is malwarebytes alone enough to protect my laptop from getting infected ?

2->is the USB scanning for malwarebytes any good ?

i would appreciate your help

Thank You :)

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Hello and welcome to MBAM:

1) No, absolutely not -- MBAM is a unique security program specifically designed to provide layered protection against rogues and other sorts of malware alongside a standard AV. It is easily configured to run together with all of the major free and paid AV programs. We will be happy to help you get that set up.

2) Not sure what you mean, but, yes, MBAM can be used to scan USB drives just as it can be used to scan your main hard drive. Again, it works together with your AV, so MBAM alone would not be sufficient to scan such devices.

For best protection, you might want to strongly consider the PRO version of MBAM, which provides excellent real-time protection and IP blocking protection, both of which help prevent infections from getting onto your computer in the first place. Consumer licenses are valid for a lifetime, so it's a very good investment.

I'm sure the experts will have additional insight into your questions! :)

Best regards,

daledoc1 (not affiliated with MBAM -- just a happy home user)

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