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MalwareBytes is the best!

I've tried several anti-trojan programs, but with a little success, until I've discovered M.B.

This software is very accurate and frequently updated , besides, the free version too allows updating and erasing any malware!!

I've fixed many PC troubles, by means of this valid soft.




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I may refer to my last trouble:

My laboratory's PC was 'hounted' by T411.exe file . This trojan created a strange google home page and made my PC very slow.

My usual antivirus did'nt found anything, but M.B. fixed quickly this problem.

This is only the last example !



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Another example:

customer's PC was infected by a fake antivirus, very similar to Windows Defender!!!!

There were many essentials files in his PC, but It was not possible copying any data, neither in Safe-Mode.

The only solution was MalwareBytes.

I've transferred the HDD into another updated PC (as secondary IDE master) , making M.B. analyzing the drive .

After several minutes M.B. fixed anything . After having reinstalled the drive in the first PC, Windows became clean again and his PC perfectly working!


P.S. I'm Austro-italian, and I apologize for eventual mistakes......

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Last news...

Just this very day, I've catched a virus....

I thought to install a cleartype(for my monitor) , downloaded from an unknown Russian site, but the program , on the contrary, was ..an awful virus.

My usual Norton found only one virus, taking it into quarantine, but, using 'Autoruns' I've noted that there were several strange new entries.....After having launched M.B., there were 22 menaces... This fake 'cleartype.exe' was a great virus collection......

I have to thank M.B., another time!


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If I analyze a friend's HDD , by installing it in another PC...May I use free version , in this case ?



I don't mind to be a pirate......I'm regular.

Also several friends of mine have already purchased the license, as I suggested them , besides I've talked of M.B. on our Italian Forum.

If it's possible, I'll post my Forum U.R.L. here, but I don't know if I may post here another Forum link. Let me know, please

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