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Registry Keys possible false positive


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i and another have had the same issue. seems to be a f.p according to the last post if im correct


Thanks for your reply Lucie and the link to the related set of posts. I use AVG 2011 Free on my system and do full system scans every weekend followed by a Malwarebytes scan. AVG has not picked up anything for months and neither has Malwarebytes until today when I scanned immediately after updating. I notice that the threats/false positives mentioned, in the posts you kindly directed me towards, were sometime ago (last April in one case), so it is strange that previous Malwarebyte scans did not find anything on my system (false or otherwise) as I am sure the registry keys detected this time are not new.

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The post i linked to was from a few days ago

Hi Lucie,

Yes, thanks for that link - as well as the recent reports, I was also able to find references to the same false positive occurring a few months ago. It seems odd that it was resolved then but has cropped up again after an update. If I understand correctly, the reporting of possible malware by Malwarebytes that is found only in registry keys and not linked to other folders on the system, suggests it is the residue of something cleared by anti-virus software previously and is in itself harmless. AVG Anti-Virus 2011 has not reported anything for many months so I am a little puzzled but I have, however, quarantined the affected registry keys anyway. If after a few weeks of no system problems, I will delete them entirely.

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We looked into this and this will be removed in the next db update.

Thanks for reporting.

Hi Shadowwar,

Thank you for your post. After the next update, should I restore the affected registry keys or are they surplus anyway? Since quarantining them, my system has not developed any odd behaviour but I do not know if they are important for any applications I have not used since Malwarebytes reported them as Trojans. Any advice would be much appreciated.


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