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software to block banner ads?

red alert

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Hello there fellow haters of malware. I just want to say that I love malware bytes and have a paid copy. I think it is great software. My question is this, does anyone out there know of any software that can block annoying banner ads? I'm tired of have stuff flash on my screen and making sounds lol. I don't need pee pee pills. I'm tired of hearing how I won an ipod. I'm tired of running into viruses in the wild through rogue ads on legitimate sites (fortunately avast catches everything).

Can anyone recommend software whether free or not that can make my browsing experience peaceful and safe?

Also, I use a paid version of malware bytes, Spybot search and destroy with tea timer and full immunization, avast with high settings on the on access scanner heuristics, zone alarm free with high settings and locking my host file through the advanced settings tab and filtering traffic on port 1394 whatever that means lol, and always make sure I have the latest windoze updates. Do I have enough security stuff or do I need more?

Many thanks!

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Hello red alert and welcome to Malwarebytes forums.

A good way to block banners ads and flash ones is to install a hosts file.

Read here

Two most recommended:

The latter contains more sites as they tend to include domains\IPs which are involved in even the slightest way with malware distribution or sites involved in any other sort of salacious activities. Basically, lay with dogs, get fleas type of thing.

Also, some firewalls have some nice features which block ads as well. But in most cases you have to buy them to get those features.

Hope that helps some.

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Thanks for the welcome TeMerc. Just did the hp hosts host file. Very very nice! No more ads! Nothing like quiet browsing and it was so easy to setup. Thanks again for the useful link!
Glad I could help.

To manage your hosts file we recommend using HostsXpert. With this tool, you can download the latest updates, merge them with another hosts file, edit entries and much more. It's freeware and works very well on all systems

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