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Spyware Problems

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I am trying to remove, what I believe to be, spyware problems on my nephew's laptop. I am usually pretty good at this, but am not having much luck.

There is anti-virus and spyware software installed, but I don't think he had the autoupdates turned on. A pop up is being displayed that says Warning! Security Report, etc. If you click here, it takes you to the real-av.org website to purchase the product. The desktop also turns black with a warning message about spyware displayed in the middle. Task manager and the desktop have been turned off.

The programs that are already on the laptop detect many problems, but I can't get rid of the pop-up or the black desktop. The problem with task manager and the desktop are fixed temporary, however, they reappear at restrart. I see errors about pmsoftware.biz, win32/fakeinit...., and framwk32.dll, but not sure what to do. These are the problems I am still seeing; I have been successful in getting rid of several others.

After reading messages and advice on many forums, I have downloaded your software. Any assistance you could provide, would be much appreciated.

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