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Thanks and a question

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First I'd like to express my thanks to the malwarebytes team that has diligently helped me out of more than one problem.

Second I'd like to apologize if this post is out of place as I wasn't quite sure which forum my question belonged in, or if there is an appropriate forum.

Third, I was wondering how these malware programs can be loaded onto a system through a browser. Is this being injected somehow through javascript or some other script? Is there some way to use say a firefox addon to detect these attempts to insert programs? Is this some kind of buffer overflow injection? I am curious about this because I am a programmer and had been interested at one time in writing a browser. I am just wondering how all this happens automagically by visiting a url.

Again I apologize for the questions. Perhaps there is a more fitting place to discuss such matters or maybe this information would be considered trade secrets for Malwarebytes and cannot be discussed. Either way I appreciate you entertaining this inquiry.



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Greetings :)

Thank you for the kind words, I'm glad that we were able to help you resolve your issues.

Regarding how drive-by browser attacks work, it varies. Sometimes it is through javascript and other web based code, other times it is through exploiting vulnerabilities in plugins like Java, Flash and Silverlight through malicious ads and objects embedded in pages (the ads/objects often originating on malicious servers while the site you're viewing is itself a non-malicious site).

As for blocking such attacks, keeping your browser plugins up to date and using tools like Noscript for Firefox can help as well as an up to date antivirus and the PRO version of Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, which contains a malicious website blocking component that blocks any connections to or from your PC to known malicious IP addresses that are in our blocklist, which are often the source of such drive-by attacks, among other online threats (such as hosting rogues, trojan downloaders/droppers etc.).

For future reference, such a question should be posted in the PC Help area of the forum. That area is designated specifically for questions about PC issues, including general queries about security, performance, software and hardware issues.

I hope the brief info I provided was helpful :).

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