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Help SOS after sys freeze during win update mbam has errors

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i got thread regarding issue with win updates

so i was recommended to apply all update including the optional ones

now as you can see my system crashed during installing optional

net frame work client 4 (not remember the exact name)

any way system freeze so i had to reset via reset bottuns then windows started and freezed again b4 avira 's umbrella open

so i reset again and when win started for the 2nd time mabam trial icon in taskbar didn't open and after a while error

came up

also i applied a disk check

my computer> right click © os drive then properties >tools tap> check now and then checked the both check boxs

Ok. Nothing should be lost then.

Open My Computer and right click Local Disk(C:) and select Properties then click the Tools tab. Under Error Reporting click Check Now and select "Automatically fix file system errors" and "Scan and attempt recovery of bad sectors". Finally Start and it'll tell you to reboot so do so. Could take an hour or more.

and it asked me to agree on a schedule of diskchck when next time win restarts so i clicked yes

and restarted and then problem still exists shall i press on start trial again >in protection tap or what do you recommend me?


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To fix the error code 2 see below:

Please do the following:

  • Download and run mbam-clean.exe from here
  • It will ask to restart your computer, please allow it to do so very important
  • After the computer restarts, temporarily disable your Anti-Virus and install the latest version of Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware from here

    • Note: You will need to reactivate the program using the license you were sent via email if using the Pro version
    • Launch the program and set the Protection and Registration. Then go to the UPDATE tab if not done during installation and check for updates.
      Restart the computer again and verify that MBAM is in the task tray if using the Pro version. Now setup any file exclusions as may be required in your Anti-Virus/Internet-Security/Firewall applications and restart your Anti-Virus/Internet-Security applications. You may use the guides posted in the FAQ's here or ask and we'll explain how to do it.

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firefox it's good to see you again

solved ;)

thanks a lot

can i ask a small question as this issue happened coz of system freeze and power reset

so is there any programs that might have affected by this (how do i know that?)

also when i downloaded the mbam cleaner 65 kb on desktop i run it and then done

but i wanted to download another one for future use (as i deleted first one) but when i download it again

on desktop it doesn't appear like b4 but when i open download destination folder via google chrome (after dl finishes)

i find it on document's and settings/my computer's name/desktop.

does this means that google has problem becouse of a lot of sudden shutdowns or it's a normall thing?

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Glad you got it going again....

More than likely one of your files got corrupt during the freeze up and the reboot. You system should be OK now that you re-installed MBAM and it is working as intended now. If you want to redownload the mbam-clean tool, you can do that, I usually put my downloads in a folder called tools, this way I can find it later.

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yes i did download it i guess it's so small 65.3 kb

any way can i apply the same file on another windows 7 machine (laptop)

or this one works only for xp?

as my mbam is very slowly on my another machine especially on start up

and i guess it was also by the reason of windows updates

i guess windows updates are destroying my machines :D

not securing them

also i wanna say thanks a million as now mbam on xp starts b4 win starts

i restarted 3 times it's running like a powerful BMW

mind me i'm a car geek.

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ten 4 but i'm gonna do it next week or after i fix avira

as it's not working well on win 7 after sp2 update :D

it seems that my laptop has (update phobia)

see ya later

also how i mark this thread as solved?

Is SP2 out for Windows 7? I thought SP1 was the only one out.

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skillz hehehe i'm talking about avira's sp2

not windows

win7 has issues after the update of avira's sp2

and yes u r right only sp1 of win 7 was released

sorry for this misunderstanding

it was my fault that i didn't fully describe the situation :)

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