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MBAM on slave drive

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Someone who is infected ran MBAM from a slave drive. Wouldn't that cause MBAM to scan the slave drive & not the infected primary drive ?

I thought MBAM had to be installed on the drive the drivers were on, although in his case they would both be on the primary & secondary.

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No, This is what I mean. He had MBAM installed on C: Drive. Somehow, he became so infected, MBAM, nor Rkill, nor any other Antivirus would run.

So he downloaded and Installed MBAM again on the Slave drive, and ran a scan, which came up with no results.

Did the scan running from the slave drive actually scan the C: Drive ? I thought MBAM did not have a portable version, which I think is what this would be.

I know if you run a full scan you can select drives.

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Well, more than likely what was done is they got the infected drive (C:) and plugged it into another computer as a slave drive so it was not D: drive. They then performed a scan on that drive. I am sure Malwarebytes picked up some infections, but this is not recommended as this can cause that drive to become non-functional. Also it would not be able to scan the registry. In essence, once that drive is plugged back into the original system, it either won't boot, or it would still be infected.

If the computer has two hard drives, say C: and D: and it is infected, if it is so infected that you can not run tools on it or even install Malwarebytes on the C: drive, its not going to let you install anything on any drive regardless.

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The program will scan a slaved drive but since there are no launch points it basically becomes a flat file scanner which your Anti-Virus is much better at than ours. We work best when running on the actual infected live running OS.

And that explains why there is no portable version, and probably won't be.

LOL - That was a question !

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