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Computer didn't re-start after a re-boot

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Hi Everyone,

Yesterday , I downloaded and used Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware 1.31 for the first time. It detected several malware files, and I had one false positive that I added to the ignore list. The false positive was a list of music files that I created with command prompt. However, I was very pleased with Malwarebytes' scan results , because the malware files Malwarebytes' detected were not found by a Ad-Aware scan.

After removing the malware , Malwarebytes said I had to reboot my computer. I let Malwarebytes start the reboot but Windows didn't restart . All I got was a blank screen with a blinking cursor. It looked like a DOS screen. I turned my computer off , then waited a few minutes before powering back up. When I did power up I was very happy to see that Windows restated !

After Malwarebytes failed to restart Windows I'm a little nervous about using Malwarebytes again. Can anyone tell me why my computer booted into DOS and not Windows after my Malwarebytes scan? I've never had that problem before.

Feedback will be appreciated , and I'm attaching my Malwarebytes scans log file. Thanks.



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There is nothing vital or boot related in that MBAM scan log . If something had actually been broken a second reboot would have failed as well . To me this seems like just one of those windows moments .

I sort of figured that there was no major problem, or Else the 2nd re-boot would have failed , just as you stated . I just wanted a 2nd opinion before I used Malwarebytes again. With all of the new forms of malware out there , you can't have too much protection.

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