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Possible glitch with updates. Did something go wrong?

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I have a question about MBAM. I have used it for years and have never experienced any glitches. However today it did something rather odd that it has never done before. Since I just signed up on this forum yesterday to ask another question, I thought I would go ahead and ask about this while I'm here and see if anybody can explain what might have happened.

I am running Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware version I am running the free version, not the Pro version.

When I logged into my computer this morning I updated MBAM. It updated its malware database from version 7068 to version 7070.

A couple of hours later, I checked to see if any new updates were available. They were, so I downloaded them. However, this time, it jumped all the way from version 7070 to 7082 (that's 12 new versions over a two hour time period).

I have been using MBAM for about four years. I know that it's great at offering several new updates throughout the day, but I have never seen it offer 12 new updates over the course of about two hours! In fact, I have never seen any program do that. This is why I think that something went wrong. Maybe some sort of glitch?

Anyone have any ideas of why this would have happened? Has anyone else experienced this or anything like it?


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Hello and :welcome:

I am not on the staff, nor an I a developer for Malwarebytes, but I can confirm that the latest update is version 7082. I have not been in from of my computer all day today so I cant say if there were that many updates. I know at times they may have updates more frequently due to threats found in the wild, perhaps you may have not noticed since you only check from time to time since you use the free version. I have the PRO version and it checks for me in the background so I don't have to worry about falling behind.

Hope this helps with your question.

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Thanks for the reply.

The funny thing is that I am at my computer for about ten hours a day and whenever I get bored, with doing what I am supposed to be doing, I tinker with things on it (such as pressing the update buttons on all of my programs). Because I tend to get very easily bored, the buttons are always getting pressed.

Because of that, my MBAM is always being updated throughout the day, and I am used to seeing what's normal and what isn't. I am used to seeing periodic updates every couple of hours from MBAM. In fact, I would say that MBAM probably issues more daily updates than anyone else out there. But I have never seen 12 of them issued over two hours before. As I said in my original post, I had just updated it two hours previously, and it went from version 7068 to version 7070. Two hours later, when I updated it again, it jumped all the way to version 7082. I thought that was really strange, and I have never seen it do anything like that before.

Anyway, thanks for trying to help. I appreciate it. I guess I won't know why that happened.

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Hi -

I had just updated it two hours previously, and it went from version 7068 to version 7070

The big question here was when the last update was done prior to that, and what that showed .

You may have missed a few updates somewhere and now it has been fully updated (as per Firefox) -

Sometimes the update readings are a bit out (mine went backwards once) , but you now have the latest versions.

Also ther are glitches with dates that occur at times due to the workload of the developers etc.

Thank You -

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Hello sevensages:

Open the scanner, go to the Update tab, click on "Check for Updates".

If a download is achieved, the new date, version and number of fingerprints will have updated. If you receive a message that "You have the latest database version.", then what's already displayed is the current version info.

BTW at this moment MBAM is at DTBS 7091.

HTH :)

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hello 1pw i know that but i also know that sometimes the system bugs and displays the wrong database what im curious about is is there a spot on the site with the database version

Hello sevensages:

No. No web page shows the current database version.

The "system bugs" are very extreme rarities. If this happens to you, a topic should be opened on this forum so a solution can be found for your trouble.

HTH :)

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