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Technologically Stupid people.

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because of the >s you all obviously know where these came from. It was all in a "technologically retarded stories" thread anyway. :b I think most of you, being tech people, would get a kick out of them. You can also share your stories of technologically stupid people here, if you want.

>I had been investigating a case for weeks.

>My partner suddenly blurts out that the web site we were looking at isn't "real time".

>Before I can >MFW that bit of stupidity my IT b!tch says,

>"I'll create a GUI interface using visual basic; see if I can track an IP address"

>Women.. can't work with them...

>running out of places to hide the bodies.

>father spends money on expensive anti-virus software

>works at his own office

>downloads nothing


>surfs web like a casual

>constant fear of viruses

>sister calls

>her PC wont boot up

>spend an hour trying to get system tools to work

>asks her what did she do before she called me

>had 14 year old son work on it

>I open case

>the heat sink laying on bottom of case

>put the heat sink back

>boots up really slow

>7 year old pc with 1 gig of ram using windows 7

>my farther is trying to make me go MAC

>His logic "It is so much easier to use".

>My response "It's cause it was designed for retards".

>He starts going on about his macbook pro being better than my computer.

>explain that I got a PC with 16GB ram, i7 extreme, 2 TB Barracuda hd, dual nvidea gtx 260.

>his response "i got a dockstation and a cool touchmouse pad"

>Take headphones out of laptop to give to mother

>She reads "You have just unplugged a device from audio jack"


>Father has a bachelors in Electrical Engineering, Masters in Computer Science

>Bought a Mac Book Pro

>IT support for local hospital

>Replaced an old computer that had windows 2000 with win XP

>Copy everything on desktop to new machines desktop

>Lady does not know how to use programs any more suddenly because the icons got moved around

>Same stuff on desktop as previous computer

>Father wants to somehow record a .doc file on a CD so he can listen to it in the car.

Also, what you normally see when someone asks "Why is my computer so slow?" and you look at it:


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