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downloaded files from cnet which looks scary!

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Why did you download it if it's scary? CNet doesn't host malware, only occasional crapware. What is the program for, anyway? What does it do? Maybe I could name an alternative if you don't like it.

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thank you i already downloaded it

and as you can see in the pics it's jetaudio it's a program for playing music and video files and i like it and prefer it to winamp and wmp

prairie dog

thank you

well a lot of people say it's safe but ads scares the .... of of me

i have this phobia of misclicking any ad or something that could harm my security.

also the 3rd pic the file is downloaded from somethin-cnet.com is this normal and safe as well

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If you're sick of ads, may I recommend you something...

Firefox: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/new/

Adblock Plus: http://adblockplus.org/en/

Install them and I can [almost] guarantee that you will never see another ad ever again.

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well it's not a pop up ads

i mean ads in general like the one u see in the pics above

does this app blocks the above ads as well?

Yes. Using Firefox with the Adblock Plus add on will eliminate virtually all ads from your browsing experience, including video ads that play before YouTube videos and ads that pop up during videos. If an applet on a website is bothering you but isn't an ad (like some box playing sounds or something that you can't mute), you can hover your mouse over it and Adblock Plus will give you the option to block it. It's a very handy tool to have, and I'd recommend you give it a try.

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Cnet is the only place i trust besides a official page instead of using extra players i would use The Combined Community Codec Pack

its a collection of free audio video filters no extra programs needed when installed select the no players option

and click next

then check register with 32 bit windows media player and done wmp becomes a media power house


if tiy go this route let me know if need any help

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well thank you all

i know that i ask a lot of questions (sorry) but i was infected once b4 and it was cured and now working fine

so i got phobia of malware and infections :S

any way i downloaded it and when i try to run the install file

i find this


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I would have the same hesitation on any software that is not digitally signed, like the one you are attempting to run. If you verify that the software is safe then click yes by all means.

Thank you for asking questions, there is no other way to learn in my book. :)

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well i use win 7 sp1 on my laptop and i know the uac function

but it seems that the only file i got since i used it's official website and it redirected me to cnet

and that file is from cnet so should i contine or it's dangerous

i always only run programs with verified publishers only.

but i need jetaudio

it's kind confusing :)

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if you want to make darn sure it is ok ...

download it to a specific folder (eg : labeled "scan this")... use your antivirus and antimalware programs to scan the downloaded file .

come to think of it , your AV might be told to do this already in its settings ... you should be aware of what is going on with your machine .

as time goes on you might find more programs that are not digitally signed ...

there are many that i have that are not signed (and i am certain that others here too) .

such as some of those from the various legitimate freeware and open source sites .

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well the first thing that i did b4 clicking on it was scanning the whole folder via mbam and avira

also it seems that you all agree on running an unverified software in case if u already know the software

then i'm gonna install it now :) :S (worried)

many thanks

2 u all

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