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Do I need to run Malwarebytes pro as administrator in Windows 7

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Hi there

Bit of a techno-newbie, and have just purchased a new laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium. I've bought Malwarebytes Pro (on recommendation from a friend), but noticed that Windows User Account Control requires permission everytime I click on the shortcut. My question is: Will this affect updating, scanning etc... and do I need to run MBAM Pro as adminstrator?

Many thanks

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Hi and welcome to MBAM:

Have a look here:


(Yes, you will get a UAC prompt from Vista/7 when you open the program. And, IIRC, limited user accounts can run scans, but you need privileges to update.)

Someone more techno-savvy than both of us will likely have a more detailed, more satisfying explanation. :)

Also, from the FAQ here:

ISSUE: Why does Windows always ask to allow Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware to run when I try to open the scanner on Windows Vista and Windows 7?

SOLUTION: This is quite normal and happens because of a feature in newer Windows versions known as USER ACCOUNT CONTROL. When you receive one of these prompts for Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, simply click Continue or Allow and the program should be able to run without any issues. On Windows Vista you may also see a tray notification stating that Windows has blocked some startup programs. When you see this, click on the tray icon and if Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware is listed, click to allow it to run.



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The protection module does not need to be run as admin (MBAMService, the core of the protection module already runs automatically in the PRO version with the necessary privileges), only the scanner requires administrative privileges, which it will prompt for automatically unless you are running the program from a limited user account, in which case, for convenience, it will simply have the functions that require administrative privileges disabled/non-functional (such as updates etc.).

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You're welcome :)

Also note that the quote from the FAQ posted by daledoc1 above is still accurate, after a threat has been removed by the scanner (not the protection module) and a reboot is required to complete removal, the scanner will need to run to perform the final cleanup process after the computer reboots, this will trigger a UAC prompt, which is the behavior described in the FAQ :).

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