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Opinions on Dr.Web?

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I bought and installed Malwarebytes a month or so ago on one of my computers after coming up with some serious infections, cleaning with MBam, losing access to Windows and then restoring from my latest bi-daily image backup. All scans have been clean ever since, including with Hitman and my AVs (not worth much for the new stuff!)

Running scans on friends computers I'm finding many are badly infected. (And they DON"T DO BACKUPS! Gotta do better at convincing them on this.)

I find that if I clean up the malware with MBam (or possibly any cleaner), Windows is hosed and needs to be restored. A messy proposition for everyone else, esp. with no backups. So I have not cleaned up any other infected computers yet.

Here's the question.

What do you think of using Dr.Web's tools on all the infected machines compared to something like ComboFix? His stuff (CureIt, LiveCD, etc.), from reading the reviews, appears to make it MUCH easier to clean and restore infected machines without having to go through laborious cleansing steps and/or restoring Windows.

This infection thing has become a serious widespread problem all over and I need to come up with some quicker ways to fix people's computers (or help them to fix them). (I do this for friends only btw, no longer in the "business".)

Check out the reviews here compared to ComboFix:




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Hello Kroy1: :welcome:

Perhaps as you lead your friends towards the path of enlightenment, you can suggest that prevention with MBAM PRO and a best-in-breed anti-virus application is much better than determining the best cleaning methods for a given infection and that these prevention tools are just a few in an overall layered protection scheme.

If you lurk in Malwarebytes' Malware Removal - HijackThis Logs Sub-forum you should have your answer regarding sUBs' ComboFix versus other like tools, within one minute.

BTW, sUBs' excellent ComboFix should not be used without the express direction of a trained malware removal specialist.

HTH :)

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