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This website:


is unreachable when using malwarebytes. If I untick "website blocking", this is the same. To reach that site, I must untick too "enable protection".

Some weeks ago there was no problem, so I guess the ip of this site has been added to the ban list meanwhile.

Could you please remove this site from the ban list please, so that I can reach the site without problem? Thank you very much.

And last: why not add an option where we could ourselves put a white list. In this list, any website or ip added would be accessible to us, instead of asking you here.

Regards to all and thanks for everything. :)

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Thank you for your answer.

No it is not my website. Just a site I use since months and which suddenly became inaccessible. An when you use a site on a regular basis, it is a pain in the ass to deactivate each time malwarebytes. Because of course you forget from time to time to reactivate it. Recently I've been 2 days with MalwareBytes down, forgot to reactivate it. I never shut down my machine, so I can't rely on the automatic start when windows login.

This is why a white-list tab should be a great option to add. We could on our own add a site we trust and still be actively protected for the others websites. You all realize that there is a limit on this system of black list without white list. So once a site is part of a blocked IP range, we can't do anything that:

- no longer use this website.

- suggest those guys to move somewhere else.

- use a proxy: sloooow

- buy a VPN (for one site) and cross fingers you can reach the site again

I see quite a problem in this. I love your program, I'm a registered user but until some weeks I didn't know about this limitation. I don't know what is the problem with Ecatel, I'm just an end user who surf here and there.

I don't know if this question has already been discussed, but add a white-list tab, there is already one for files. So if a file on my computer is seen as a threat by malwarebytes, I understand we can add it on the white-list, and MB will no longer see it as a threat. Do the same for the websites, let us add the websites we want. I think it is to the end user to have the final word on his machine.

Thank you.

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