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urgent help needed

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first of all i installed psi and then i found my

adobe reader and some other app are not up to date

so i updated adobe reader and real player

real player encourted an error in real networkks installer however it was installed and updated

then i opened adobe reader and the updated it and it was finished except the restart part

as there was some microsoft windows updates are being downloaded

so i waited untill i install them then apply a restart for the whole party

but at windows update update for windows x86 26 out of 112

i know that becouse i was monitoring it

but the system crashed ,the mouse arrow is not even moving nothing works

so what do u suggest

do i hit the restart botton ? (it's a desktop with windows xp sp3)

will this corrupt my whole installations that i didn't restart before?

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I'm not sure how XP handles crashes during Windows Updates. In the past I have restarted in the middle of doing updates and it hasn't affected my computer at all, but that was with Windows 7. At this point if the system is locked up go ahead and power it off and then back on. If it won't boot up in normal mode, try safe mode and do a system restore to before you updated anything.

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well it worked again normally and i guess it was continuing updates

and i found adobe reader was updated with no updates needed

but when i try to shut down i found something (77c) is not responding so i hit end now

what is that???

also there are two folders created on my d drive while my windows is on c

these folders are with out names just numbers look like serial no.s

but i deleted them both they werent hidden and they look like an application or a cache folder from the inside???????

what are they i have no clue!!!!!

any way it's working now

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When windows installs updates it creates temp folders like the one you mentioned, it usually picks a drive that has the most hard drive space available.

Glad its working now though....

It may also be where the OS is set for paging files. I ran into that on a machine here at my office.

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may be as i'm not sure i have experienced something like that b4

any way i asked a friend of mine and he is a computer tech.

and he told me that it's may be by avira's antivirus

as it creates folders on d

but you were sayin that windows would choose the drive with empty space

well i still got 94 gb on my c where windows is installed

should i worry or no worries here?

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