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I have been searching for at site where I can submit new malware to antimalware vendors. Currently, I am sending all new malware to 5 vendors. MalwareBytes is on the list.

But I will be happy yo distribute the samples to others also.

So I found this site:


But MalwareBytes isn't a part of it. SuperAntiSpyware is, but MalwareBytes isn't. They only require a email adress:


"Are we missing one you think we should add? Please email their submission email address to dave at uploadmalware.com (change at to @).".

I think that it could be a nice way to submit it to many vendors in one time.

Would MalwareBytes consider to make a malware submission email so they can join that site?

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Written by Atribune

Oct 22, 2006 at 10:21 PM

UploadMalware.com is another project of ours, it is a resource for submitting files to Malware Experts and Anti-Malware Vendors worldwide.

If you've got a suspicious file and aren't sure what to do with it send it to us and include your email or a link to a forum thead and we will attempt to let you know what it is and what to do with it.

When UploadMalware receives your files we analyze them and submit them to almost 50 Anti-Malware vendors. More files getting submitted means better protection for everyone and safer surfing.

Help us make the web a safer place to be. Send us those unknown files.

Merry Christmas Tesk

When posting a link such as UploadMalware.com, etc., its a good idea to post the resources in that way members can read about the product info.

btw. its in my online scanner toolbox.:P

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