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Is there any risk in buying online?

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Hey, i have alot of things to buy, one for me, which isnt as impotant as the things other people need in my family but they have been waiting for a really long time, but i keep post poneing it because i have viruses.

Well, i made a thread about it, in the hijack log, i 2 dr webcureit scans, i have done many malwarebyte scans, i HAD avira antivirus which kept on detecting an SPR hacktool, but the spysentinel guy told me that i have to reinstall comodo CIS and Avira. Instead i just removed comodo antivirs and kept the firewall and just installed microsoft security essentials.

also with the comodo, i found several viruses in the system restore, which when i tried clearing, kept on coming up with a conflict with comodo asking me to delete, quarintine or disinfect. I just chose to delete as thats what iw as doign anyway, came up about 5 times, im guessing all different, then after that it actually deleted system restore properly.

then i did a Microsoft Security essential quick scan after installing it, nothing found, after a fwe days i did a complete scan, found a password stealer, a rootkit which it deleted, and an adware called win32 open candy. The rootkit i think was from the file that i used to root my phone however im not too sure about this...

anyways, that was all deleted. I also did a second scan with TDSK rootkit killer thing by kaspersky, nothing came up.

So what do i do now to make sure its safe to buy online, is it safe?

I ask this because ive asked on my hijackthislog thread like 3 times but no answer, the expert who has been extremely helpful just seems to either avoid or is unable to see this question for some reason, and also i know its free, and i know hes been amazing in help, and hes still helping, but seriously i cannot wait 5 days between each reply, for me it is too much stress and too long as there are no logs to actually go through either.

Anyhow, advice please? Really need to buy tomorow or day after, thanks.

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Hi, otherguyx:

Is this the same computer for which you have an open thread in the malware removal forum, being assisted by Spy Sentinel?


I'm just a home user, not a malware expert, & I suppose it would depend on the exact malware infection & its capabilities.

I would presume, however, that it would be very risky to undertake online financial or other secure transactions until the computer is given the "all clean" by your expert helper.

(I would also be careful not to re-infect this machine after it is cleaned from your external hard drive, if you are concerned about the possibility that it is also infected, as per your other thread here: http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=88764.)

I'm sure the MBAM folks and others more expert than I will have some additional advice,


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damn... reformatting will take ages... and usually it doesnt work...

yes that is the same thread daledoc1

im quite scared now... i just dont know what to do... But it did say uroot.apk so i think it was for rooting my android phone...

yes i have just checked and it is for rooting my android phone... it was a uroot.apk...

anything i should do?

i guess ill just wait for spysentinel to finish...

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People who are nervous about buying online should consider using a prepaid Visa card with only enough credit in it to purchase what they need. I know there is a cost involved but it is a tiny amount compared to what cost in money and hassle that a compromised credit card would be.

For sure at least wait for your helper to finish with you. These folks are true experts and would not wish to make any statements regarding your online safety until they are satisfied with the results of the scans and fixes.

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You can also purchase a pre-paid credit card (Visa, MC, and Amex all have one, I am not sure about Discover) at almost any grocery or drug store. However, I would register it (most require you to register it if you are going to use it for online purchases) VIA PHONE since your computer seems to be compromised. I would never enter any personal information using such a machine.

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Since I am working with you on your malware log, I will continue to post there, but I thank those who have replied to this thread.

Like I stated in your PM, since it is the 4th of July holiday, I am away celebrating with family and friends, so please be patient.

I've made replied to your topic.


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