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Bomgar remote install .exe wrongly flagged as trojan.agent


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Bomgar remote install .exe's have recently been wrongly flagged as trojan.agents.

Bomgar is a remote assistance tool, and the .exe is the installer sent to clients to initiate remote support sessions. Product is legitimate. See: bomgar.com

Attached are a sample .exe and logfile created with mbam.exe /developer, flagging a couple of these




mbam-log-2011-07-04 (00-19-40).txt

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I believe so.

In a typical scenario the end user downloads the installer from a web link, runs it, and then the installer performs a 2nd round of install and opens up a remote connection to a managed 'remote session' appliance.

The first .exe installer sits wherever the user downloads it to, but I suspect the files being flagged here are from the 2nd install where it gets the rest of its files from the centralized server. (I only .zipped it to send to this forum - typically it is an .exe on the user's local system)

I'm not 100% on how the rest of its internals work. But because it is a 'remote assistance' program it is likely very network library heavy, will open outside connections (http and https I believe), etc.

Hope this helps,


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  • Staff

The reason we ask is there are 2 issues that are very atypical of professional software.

c:\documents and settings\all users\application data\ <- this is a directory where only other directories are stored. These subdirectories are typically named after their parent software and contain non executable data. The root of application data is an out of the way location where no executables should ever be and as such malcoders like to use this as a location to execute malware from.

1298832433-bomgar-rep-installer.exe.exe <- There is no reason to use this double extension like this and typically the only reason for a double extension is to exploit the default 'hide known extensions' setting in all current versions of windows.

In any event we made some changes and this should not longer be detected. If you have any contact with the authors of this software kindly point this post out to them.

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