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amd has stopped and recovered (dell inspiron) laptop

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hi guys

well i have a problem and i don't know how to solve this

well every time i use email or youtube

sometimes the screen blink and i get this message and then after a while the whole system freeze and doesn't respond to any

action except removing battery (brand new laptop dell inspiron n5010)with windows 7 home premium preinstalled

and i asked microsoft answers the told me to update driver and they gave me link to amd website

and i asked my friend who is a computer tech he told me that you should run the drivers from the laptop's original cd

and not to download the software from amd's website

i'm now confused

pleasse note that i was infected by malware and it was removed by the help of aviras team using mbam.

is this another virus or something or what ??

how to make sure that i'm not infected and my computer is 100% safe and is okay.?

please help

thanks a lot

some pics

also i got messages regarding bluetooth.



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As far as a possible infection is concerned, you still have an open topic here where you could check with screen317:


Concerning the driver, you could of course re-install it from the CD, but it's good to keep your drivers up-to-date.

You could check at Dell's website, it's easiest if you have your service tag, then you can use the assistant that shows you if there is a newer AMD driver:


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Also NEVER remove a battery on a laptop while its running. Just hold down the power button for 5 seconds or so. They are not hot swappable and you can easily damage both the computer and the battery by removing it. But as mystery said let the the other topic of yours get resolved before doing anything else.

edit: if its plugged in sometimes you could probably get away with taking a battery out but I still highly discourage it, not only could it be harmful but you will get a lot less life out of your battery.

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well first of all thanks for your concern and fast reply



i have never enjoyed a single moment since i bought this dell on 1/1/2011

i hated my life i hated every thing

and i bought it with every thing pre installed as to avoid installing or modifing or fixing any thing and waste my time

but it seems that you must waste your time in this computer in order to fix something and when ur done

i guess i would see another message : error dell wants to annoy you :)

thanks a lot ;) and i will as soon as i check my system from threats

but does the above issues have any things related to security threats?

to Supernovasky

as this battery removal i did this 3 times up till now :)

and i tried press and hold and even taping a lot of times on the power botton but no use

it's like that it has no cure except removing battery or leaving it till battery is empty.


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but what is the service tag : do you mean the no. which is sticked at the bottom of the laptop?


The Service Tag would be on the sticker and should say Service Tag with about seven digits and letters and then enter them in the Service tag box, also check to see if your computer is still under the Dell warranty.

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"and i tried press and hold and even taping a lot of times on the power botton but no use

it's like that it has no cure except removing battery or leaving it till battery is empty."

the obvious question :

is the machine set to power down when the power button is pressed and held down (usually about 5 seconds) ?

it does seem rather odd that only two items would cause the laptop to choke up ... but stranger things have been known to happen .

the best bet is to go back to dell (as mentioned) ... there may be a track record of failure on your model (and run/batch of serial numbers) .

while pulling the battery is not the greatest thing to do ... the comp was not shut down properly and windows will (more times oft than not) want to do the ol' "check your files and folders" on subsequent restarts .

i would not be too concerned with battery life ... as long as the comp indicates that the battery is indeed charging and you leave it hooked up to the power supply long enough to top off the battery , there should be no real harm to the battery by your actions .

completely depleting any rechargeable battery , regardless of chemistry , will shorten it's expected life ... with laptop batteries this would be hard to do by the desgn of the battery and laptop charging/power monitoring system .

usually circuitry is incorporated that basically says "the voltage under load has reached the safe cutoff point , we're pulling the pin" .

even the minimal software settings that indicate "critical battery level" are above the manufacturers (of the battery) minimum voltage that will contribute to early cell/battery failure .

some battery voltage monitoring systems incorporate a hardware solution as well .

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is the machine set to power down when the power button is pressed and held down (usually about 5 seconds) ?

i don't know but it's a brand new laptop and i guess every thing was set by default

i didn't change any thing except the theme and desktop wallpaper :) that's all

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