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Possible malware?

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Hi. I just downloaded AVG Internet Security 2011 because I had a feeling that I have some malware. MBAM and Avast 5 found nothing. Well, my Avg found a virus thingy in full scan.

"";"HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Hardcore";"Found Dialer.Generic";"Moved to Virus Vault"

AVG showed a message that the possible thingy is healed and moved in Virus Vault. Well, I pressed the virus vault button and it shows this text: "Enumerating Virus Vault objects failed." "Press OK." I pressed OK and then it showed me just an empty Virus Vault. So would it be the virus what messed up the Vault? :o Then I did some research about that Dialer and got some handsome information. I checked my AVG Firewall and then block log, it blocks an program trying to connect every one second. I cant copy the list but I can type the program's name. The program tries to connect every time to different IP, so would it be malware? Application and it's path: C:\WINDOWS\SYSWOW64\SVCHOST.EXE

Usually in my process list on task manager is always many copys of Svchost, now there's not any process named svchost.exe. I am afraid, what should I do? Also, my ZyXEL Prestgige 600series Modem is always blinking the orange light on LAN - 100M when I take firewall off. It means the connections from the virus I think. Then when I put the firewall on, theres no extra connections on my modem. But always when I block the connections, my internet goes very slow. And then if I unblock connections from svchost.exe, my internet goes faster but there is the extra connection. My taskbar's, AVG pc tuneup's or Avast 5's internet meter doesnt see any connection. Only AVG firewall sees the connection. And this all stuff came just after likely last weeks thursday when I got the dialer. Can you help me please?

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