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Codex pack?


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I was on site that has video that said it was playable in windows media but clicking on it it said it I was missing a plug in, know I know the site is good so my question is how do I know what to install?

I see a codec pack but on WOT the site is red so that does not fill me with confidence. I Dl'd VLC player thinking that would allow streaming like it says but it did not solve the issue unless I am supposed to set it up?


Edit I found this hxxp://download.cnet.com/Media-Player-Codec-Pack/3000-13632_4-10749065.html but both FF and IE would not allow the DL, IE said something about a port not being set up to connect to it?

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not 100% sure about this ... however ...

depending on the site and the versions of the codecs that you have installed this could be a scam .

some sites do have legitimate reasons for popping up "you need the new flavor of flash" and other similar things ... because your machine is "not up to date" .

on the other hand , saying that you don't have a certain codec or something similar is a tactic used by not-so-trustworthy sites to get you to "click here to download the codecs/fix for the problem" .

when you click on their "fix" ... that is when the trouble starts .

yeah , you might get a "codec" but along with it comes a trojan or some other piece of scumware .

what is the name/address of the site ?

it not a good idea to post addresses of questionable nature here ... PM me the address .

if WOT red flags it , i wouldn't go there .

the cnet link you gave works for me .

maybe you have an issue with your firewall or router ?

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Its ok, I have given up on it, it was not important anyway, I uninstalled VLC as it was only to use for that one site.

I am confused as to why the pack from Cnet will not install though, I got VLC from cnet and that installed just fine.

Eithwe way I know I did the right thing and didn't DL the plug in from the site (Thank you NS!)

But thank you for the help :)

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ehhh ...

personally , i would keep the VLC .

as for why the comp would not let you dl anything else ...

weeelll , maybe windows media player doesn't like competition ?


I thought that too :D

Weirdly MS link to that website so it should have Dl'd, ah never mind.

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