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Data base help anyone?


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I'm posting this because everyone here has always been more than a great help to me!!!! In advance I would like to thank everyone for all of your help over the past few years and wish you all a merry Christmas!!

Okay so my question is. I'm trying to create some kind of data base for my wife. Now I'm not looking for anything complicated. What I want to do is, be able to open a folder,inside the folder is a list of all the names of my wife's clients. By clicking on the name of the client it will open a form with the history of the client and you should be able to add to it with ease. And of course being able to add a new client. Is this a complicated thing to set up? My goal is to make it as easy as possible for my wife. She is not very computer literate but im trying to get her a little more involved. Thanks in advance for any help!!!

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I haven't really done anything yet. I can't figure out how to link to another document. I already have a Client consultation form made for her in MS works I've been just printing them out till now but it's getting to be a mess (2 many people)So I thought I could just make a database in works with the peoples names and when you click on it, it would open up the form that is for that person. But I guess you can't link in works. I also tried it in corel 2 but i don't see a way to link in that also. I honestly didn't think this would be hard to set up. But it turns out I'm a moron so I guess that adds to the problem (lol)

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I tend to do this kind of thing in ASP (for the front end, MS Access for the back end) as it suits my needs. However, if thats not up your street, then you'll find MS Access much better suited to this task than Works.

If you've not got MS Access (comes with Office), and don't want to pay for Office, you can find a free alternative in Open Office;


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Thank you MysteryFCM!!! that is exactly what I was looking for. open office worked with ease! It only took me about 5 minutes to figure out how to do what i wanted! Now the only problem I'm having is: how to auto save a name on the client list. so you understand better what i'm talking about i'll go into a little bit of detail. So how I set this up was, I have a folder on her desktop , she opens up the folder and it has a list of all her clients on it. If you click on the clients name it opens up a form of the clients history. that part works perfectly! It is simple enough for her to figure out! now for new clients I have "New Clients" at the top of her list ,which opens up a blank form for her to fill out. So my question is. now how do i get that form to save on her list of clients without having to explain the whole link thing to her? (If i did that she wouldn't use it!) is there a way to set it up so that when she saves the form it automatically will save it to the existing list of people?

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