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Search Redirection - MB or AVG will not update

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I hit "cancel" and then clicked on "view diagnostic and repair details" ... everything in the list says completed successfully EXCEPT

Root cause found:

Unspecified changes to system configuration might have caused the problem.

Repair action: System Restore

Result: Cancelled

Repair Action: System files integrity check and repair

Result: Failed. Error code = 0x490

Whatever that all may mean :(

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It's been through Startup Repair 4 times already. I can try it again though, if you think I should, b/c it's only did it once since I made those command prompts.

So its doing this every time you try to reboot to normal mode?

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Okay, it stopped showing the system restore options :( So, I rebooted and am going to try to go back to the CD b/c I'm pretty sure there's a system restore option on there. btw, one of my techy friends just sent me an email wishing me luck b/c he read about how bad this virus was.

Is this what I have? http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9217953/Rootkit_infection_requires_Windows_reinstall_says_Microsoft

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Unfortunately, its beginning to look more and more like that. I was originally convinced that you had a different rootkit which also targeted the MBR- I was surprised at how difficult it was to remove since those types aren't usually this stubborn.

Let me know how the system restore goes- I'm afraid we're running out of options :(

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I'm afraid we're running out of options :(

Oh, that's sad :( Can I at least reinstall everything though?

AND, for preventative care, on MY other computers, I run Malwarebytes and AVG. I updated daily and run at least once a week minimum. Is that enough or do I need more?

My son is NOT careful with his computer at all no matter what I tell him which is bad on me I guess b/c I'm always the one dealing with his computers when they get infected lol

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Can I at least reinstall everything though?

You could, but remember to wipe the MBR afterwards if you do so.

After discussing with some experts, I think we may be on to a possible fix:


Let's try this again, I don't think we completed it successfully:

Leave the CD in there, reboot, and try this:

You will need to boot with your Vista/Windows 7 installation disk. Hit Enter at the language selection prompt then hit "R" to get to the repair section. You can then select the automatic boot repair tool, but it often will not do any good. Then select the command prompt (console) and type in the following commands:

BootRec.exe /fixmbr

chkdsk /r

BootRec.exe /FixBoot

BootRec.exe /ScanOs

BootRec.exe /RebuildBcd

If you get an error on checkdisk again, just proceed with the rest of the commands.

Then, reboot into Normal Mode (ignore System Recovery, but let Startup Repair proceed if it wants to).

Let me know how it goes. ;)

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Okay, I will, but I'm pretty sure that's exactly what we did before. I did get the error on the chkdsk command but I still put the others in and they all read successfully. Then, when I tried to reboot it, it went into startup repair and kept cycling over and over. But I'll try it as soon as the system restore stops. I'll let you know :)

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I rebooted, it said that windows couldn't start and gave me the option of using startup repair or starting windows normally. I chose starting windows normally but it didn't work, it just cycled back to startup repair again, so I let it go into that. A system restore option never came up but it did cycle back into startup repair.

What if I go back to the restore MBR instructions and went through step 7 and typed what it has to type and went onto step 8? On step 7, it said to "verify that bootcect.exe is there (if you really need to)" ... well, it wasn't there on mine but does that mean that it had to be? What would happen if I just went on?

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